Memoir of a Young, Black, Male Construction Worker (A Collage of Articles)

My newest creation I hold pride and honor in this small little bundle of joy. This book is like a shot of liquor it doesn’t take much to make an impact. I know when people here my book is self-published they doubt my skills as a writer and so forth. But I have given up the traditional route of writing because it usual isn’t profitable and has too many risks. I am creating a different kind of writing that will inspire a lot of writers to throw out the old and come out with the new. If you are a coward beware this book isn’t for you. It explains how and why we are aggressive and why some we are very angry. Most people were abused when they were a child by their friends and family to act tough or stop the bullying they join gangs and act tough start fights because they are paranoid.Even Black men who aren’t gangsta act hard because when they were 1-18 somebody was abusing them and they want to show the world that they are no longer soft. Everybody who starts a fight is scared thats why they pick weak victims and use weapons. People who are scared for their lives fight so they won’t be bothered. I was once a scared little nerd but now I am a strong man I live for my family and to make the world a better place. People used to abuse children and down-talk them at higher rates but children became villains and many parents have chosen better methods. I am trying to get Saved right now. I used to be bullied and tormented for no apparent reason, I had to run many a day but now I just walk really slow because running hasn’t solved anything. WE are the blamed people we have to change our ways IDGAF if you come from L.A.,Chicago,St Louis,Wisconsin,N.O. or New York WE are all God’s Children. I am including Middle Eastern,Latino,European,Native American,Samoan,African and ALL the other people of the Earth.  “A man acting out of fear is a dangerous man” Anonymous. I would also like to say that we should stop blaming the LGBT community and others for our downfalls we must take accountability for our actions.

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