What it means to be a man?

To be respected as a man you have to have good characteristics like bravery, chivalry and integrity. In today’s world the societal environment doesn’t reward these morals because bravery and combativeness are often mistaken. Being a dam fool is not the same as bravery, bravery is taking on any challenge set in front of you not fighting over a malicious stare. Being considered a man isn’t an honor bestowed upon every male but only a slight group apart from the mass. As a going brother I have my masculinity questioned everyday by sisters I try to kindle relationships with. That shxt ain’t cute, there grown a** women and should know better. Respect is very important to me and without respect we (humans) are nothing more than intelligent savages. I always wanted to know what was the standard for being a man was it to be muscular, brave, handsome or humble and moralistic? Over time I realized that being a man was one of the most subjective subject in history, everyone has wide variations of what they think is a man. I think a man is humble, respectful and doesn’t let fear control him. What’s your definition of a man?


The fault in our stars

I didn’t watch the movie but I will say this. I think the fault in our stars is about human nature: wanting what we can’t have etc. Its really strange because that might be the reason for liberalistic ideas, we want too much freedom so that everything and body is “oppressing” us. We as in humans especially Americans know no boundaries when it comes to anything especially food, sex and who we can date. Really if the government said do what you want everybody would be mono racial, unisex and of varying build. Humans we crave diversity but all change isn’t good change but its required for learning purposes. People always idolize someone whose different than they are which is taken as being humble when really its low esteem. You know you can respect others without putting them above yourself? Have pride in yourself for God created all of uniquely but not inferior or superior. There is no equals in humankind we’re just distinct an apple and orange aren’t equal they are two different fruits but both delicious. So no men can’t be same as women and all the other groups of people because we all have different thoughts and different priorities. That’s the fault in our stars to be caught up in achievements we can’t accomplish.

Relationships in the Black community?

Everybody knows our problems simply because we can’t hold water now I don’t broadcast my experiences to every soul I meet but I’ve been done dirt quite a few times. This is granted my standards are somewhat higher than average I like athletic or curvy type think Alicia Keys or Tika Sumpter. I always liked the quite, shy types little did I know that’s the most dangerous type. Any who I have had young women approach me then act like I’m coming onto them. Its crazy and on all the woe is black sisters media pity parties the host never mention that many sisters have had abortions, addictions, trust issues and many like women more than men. This is is just the surface now let me put things into perspective these problems are prevalent in other races of women too but who is judging me on YouTube consistently, a sister. Also I’m not going to go with that they started it but I can’t lay down while my integrity as a full black male is being insulted. The real reason why our stuff is raggedy is nobody wants to sacrifice anything even to gain something 10000x greater, we’ve gotten too conservative for our own good. This is my plea to the sisters out here if you all will make a pact to be more cooperative then I will make a league of brothers who are equally yoked. No promises but I’m pure and sincere in my intentions. Stay black and proud. Peace.

Alicia Keys best singer ever!

Not only is she beautiful but she can blow better than young and old. I think people need to give her props because she made like 30 songs that were awesome about getting heart broken! And they were all hits in my ears. Reckless Love and Never see me again were banging. If I could interview Alicia Keys and take a pic with her that’d be a dream come true. Who ever her bf is he better watch out, just kidding I know not to go there. But anyways why did everyone stop listening to Alicia Keys, Marian Carey and Ledisi? They are all great performers who are just a bit seasoned and still have 10-20 more years left in their careers maybe longer look at Patti Labelle and I mean that with highest respect.

Kid Cudi one of the best alternative rapper!

He’s very underrated because people don’t understand his music or message. There are copy cats but only one Cudder. He talks about loneliness, rejection from girls and mental instability, basically all things many urban youth have experienced but I can’t ignore the 1 million 420 references. I first heard his music in 2009 when I was in my mid teens, I didn’t understand his hit Day N Nite, what I think was he’s a loner so he’s only free at night time when he can be alone or isolated from the social world. Cudi and I quote “The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night at at at night.” This isn’t verbatim but you get my point many youth needed him to free them from the grips of loneliness and despair but he empowered them to free themselves. Even with that said I most only like his songs from 2009-012 its just my favorite songs with Do it Alone and Soundtrack to my life being the top 2.

Politics of human advancement!

Animals are much better at utilizing what they already have in their bodies and environment. Humans on the other hand manipulate and change the environment around them and each other. People always want to use you as a stepping stone to use but instead of like tissue a reusable handkerchief. This is because if they use you over and over again you forget you’re just a tool and are a more obedient instrument of their will’s desire. A quick example if a very attractive young person desires a 100$ they know they can get it by pretending to care for someone whose superficial and naive. I was once naive because I didn’t know that being a girl’s friend was just a boyfriend with no benefits at all. Seriously I offered protection, emotional support and my time just to get a few weak a** compliments and the boyfriend whose breaking her heart is getting her submission and sensuality and sometimes even her money. That’s why they want to be friends its the I done you no favors you don’t owe me but I will use your good nature against you scam. So many different organizations run the same exact scheme minus a few false gimmicks and outrageous guarantees. The real reasons why friendship is garbage for me is because I don’t have a list of what I’m supposed to get for my loyalty in a relationship the boundaries are much, much more visible. And secure guys let their girls have homeboys because their not giving up nothing at all. The stupid part us a chick will be like your a brother to me just to squeeze you for more time, money and energy. Also women do pretend to be completely single to see if they can get something out of you then tell you there already talking to someone, keep in mind this is the same day they start talking to you. Obviously they already had someone and was shopping for the best bargain. Men are just blah, blah that’s all I ever here well every bad quality in men can be seen in women 2 times as often. Think about it.

Why I became a vegetarian?

I stopped eating meat completely a week ago. it was for health and nutrition reasons as well as moral dilemma. How come we  Americans love dogs and worship them but kill cows, pigs, fish and chickens for their meat like its nobody’s business? Dogs aren’t any better than these other animals we’ve just been made to like them because in olden times they were used to hunt caribou and other wild game. Another reason I did away with meat is it makes me fat very quickly. People don’t understand even if you eat a little meat it will still affect your health negatively. I was working strenously at my job and still my weight stayed even at 220+ because my meat intake was high. I decreased my intake of animal flesh and my weight went down gradually. I just said why not stop eating meat completely because it gives a hunger that is unsatiable. Another thing is this meat from these fast food chains is very questionable. I heard from an unreliable source that some fast food restaurant had HUMAN baby meat in their freezers and were using it as filler in their “beef” hamburgers. Now why would you want to take a risk of possible cannibaism just for a cheap then piece of meat surrounded by other fake products made in a lab not near you. These companies make big profits off of take animals and killing them by the thousands and mixing the animal’s meat with horse and other unknown fillers. Your burger that weighs just 4 ounces has meat from a dozen different animals in it probably. My question to you is why pay 1-10$ for .1% of a cow that’s not even real beef but an ambiguous piece of meat coming from dozens of sources that are probably not sanitary. If you eat meat atleast go to a farmer’s market and watch them butcher and kill your animal.