American sexism

Its funny how people go in on men especially under 30s just because they choose the dress a certain way or prefer a women with a certain look. On the other hand every women nearly wants a 6 ft + ready made man whose already put together when them themselves are 5’3 and have a raggedy situation. Also many women who are single have kids, often 2-3 and want you to raise them even though you barely know them. Then online you hear single educated women don’t want a man with 1 kid. Its wrong because if they have kids its mandatory that you except them as your own. This society projects all the flaws that men and women have a like but over exaggerates these flaws in men. A lot of men are getting smashed for their orientation or poor life choices but its a different story with women. Society takes it easy on women to make them more careless in their decision making. All I ask is fairness for all, we are very far from it.

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