God’s NOT dead!

I have come to the sad realization that many people doubt God and his relevancy in society. Right now just because of how many obstacles I’ve made it out of I have to say God’s surely alive. The logic I like to approach things with is : if to destroy something it already has to exist, you can’t destroy a building that was never built. Everybody has trials and tribulations but for you to let them break your faith is not righteous. In today’s society with all the craziness and drama we must believe there is more than just what’s set in front of us. And the sad part is there are millions of people who think because they attend church regularly and pay their tithes that they are automatically going to heaven. God, I’m sure doesn’t just say ok I will only judge you for what you did for this 3 hour period on Sunday, we have to stop being delusion and realize thatwe have to try to do the right thing every not just on Sunday. Nature proves that whoever created the animals and us was very detailed and intelligent. How could marvelous creatures with thousands of muscles and adaptive feautures just exact out of thin air?! This is the blasphemer’s dilemma they know that there is a greater power out there but want to shun it anyways because they didn’t get what they want.

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