Why I became a vegetarian?

I stopped eating meat completely a week ago. it was for health and nutrition reasons as well as moral dilemma. How come we  Americans love dogs and worship them but kill cows, pigs, fish and chickens for their meat like its nobody’s business? Dogs aren’t any better than these other animals we’ve just been made to like them because in olden times they were used to hunt caribou and other wild game. Another reason I did away with meat is it makes me fat very quickly. People don’t understand even if you eat a little meat it will still affect your health negatively. I was working strenously at my job and still my weight stayed even at 220+ because my meat intake was high. I decreased my intake of animal flesh and my weight went down gradually. I just said why not stop eating meat completely because it gives a hunger that is unsatiable. Another thing is this meat from these fast food chains is very questionable. I heard from an unreliable source that some fast food restaurant had HUMAN baby meat in their freezers and were using it as filler in their “beef” hamburgers. Now why would you want to take a risk of possible cannibaism just for a cheap then piece of meat surrounded by other fake products made in a lab not near you. These companies make big profits off of take animals and killing them by the thousands and mixing the animal’s meat with horse and other unknown fillers. Your burger that weighs just 4 ounces has meat from a dozen different animals in it probably. My question to you is why pay 1-10$ for .1% of a cow that’s not even real beef but an ambiguous piece of meat coming from dozens of sources that are probably not sanitary. If you eat meat atleast go to a farmer’s market and watch them butcher and kill your animal.

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