Politics of human advancement!

Animals are much better at utilizing what they already have in their bodies and environment. Humans on the other hand manipulate and change the environment around them and each other. People always want to use you as a stepping stone to use but instead of like tissue a reusable handkerchief. This is because if they use you over and over again you forget you’re just a tool and are a more obedient instrument of their will’s desire. A quick example if a very attractive young person desires a 100$ they know they can get it by pretending to care for someone whose superficial and naive. I was once naive because I didn’t know that being a girl’s friend was just a boyfriend with no benefits at all. Seriously I offered protection, emotional support and my time just to get a few weak a** compliments and the boyfriend whose breaking her heart is getting her submission and sensuality and sometimes even her money. That’s why they want to be friends its the I done you no favors you don’t owe me but I will use your good nature against you scam. So many different organizations run the same exact scheme minus a few false gimmicks and outrageous guarantees. The real reasons why friendship is garbage for me is because I don’t have a list of what I’m supposed to get for my loyalty in a relationship the boundaries are much, much more visible. And secure guys let their girls have homeboys because their not giving up nothing at all. The stupid part us a chick will be like your a brother to me just to squeeze you for more time, money and energy. Also women do pretend to be completely single to see if they can get something out of you then tell you there already talking to someone, keep in mind this is the same day they start talking to you. Obviously they already had someone and was shopping for the best bargain. Men are just blah, blah that’s all I ever here well every bad quality in men can be seen in women 2 times as often. Think about it.

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