Kid Cudi one of the best alternative rapper!

He’s very underrated because people don’t understand his music or message. There are copy cats but only one Cudder. He talks about loneliness, rejection from girls and mental instability, basically all things many urban youth have experienced but I can’t ignore the 1 million 420 references. I first heard his music in 2009 when I was in my mid teens, I didn’t understand his hit Day N Nite, what I think was he’s a loner so he’s only free at night time when he can be alone or isolated from the social world. Cudi and I quote “The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night at at at night.” This isn’t verbatim but you get my point many youth needed him to free them from the grips of loneliness and despair but he empowered them to free themselves. Even with that said I most only like his songs from 2009-012 its just my favorite songs with Do it Alone and Soundtrack to my life being the top 2.

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