Relationships in the Black community?

Everybody knows our problems simply because we can’t hold water now I don’t broadcast my experiences to every soul I meet but I’ve been done dirt quite a few times. This is granted my standards are somewhat higher than average I like athletic or curvy type think Alicia Keys or Tika Sumpter. I always liked the quite, shy types little did I know that’s the most dangerous type. Any who I have had young women approach me then act like I’m coming onto them. Its crazy and on all the woe is black sisters media pity parties the host never mention that many sisters have had abortions, addictions, trust issues and many like women more than men. This is is just the surface now let me put things into perspective these problems are prevalent in other races of women too but who is judging me on YouTube consistently, a sister. Also I’m not going to go with that they started it but I can’t lay down while my integrity as a full black male is being insulted. The real reason why our stuff is raggedy is nobody wants to sacrifice anything even to gain something 10000x greater, we’ve gotten too conservative for our own good. This is my plea to the sisters out here if you all will make a pact to be more cooperative then I will make a league of brothers who are equally yoked. No promises but I’m pure and sincere in my intentions. Stay black and proud. Peace.

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