The fault in our stars

I didn’t watch the movie but I will say this. I think the fault in our stars is about human nature: wanting what we can’t have etc. Its really strange because that might be the reason for liberalistic ideas, we want too much freedom so that everything and body is “oppressing” us. We as in humans especially Americans know no boundaries when it comes to anything especially food, sex and who we can date. Really if the government said do what you want everybody would be mono racial, unisex and of varying build. Humans we crave diversity but all change isn’t good change but its required for learning purposes. People always idolize someone whose different than they are which is taken as being humble when really its low esteem. You know you can respect others without putting them above yourself? Have pride in yourself for God created all of uniquely but not inferior or superior. There is no equals in humankind we’re just distinct an apple and orange aren’t equal they are two different fruits but both delicious. So no men can’t be same as women and all the other groups of people because we all have different thoughts and different priorities. That’s the fault in our stars to be caught up in achievements we can’t accomplish.

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