What it means to be a man?

To be respected as a man you have to have good characteristics like bravery, chivalry and integrity. In today’s world the societal environment doesn’t reward these morals because bravery and combativeness are often mistaken. Being a dam fool is not the same as bravery, bravery is taking on any challenge set in front of you not fighting over a malicious stare. Being considered a man isn’t an honor bestowed upon every male but only a slight group apart from the mass. As a going brother I have my masculinity questioned everyday by sisters I try to kindle relationships with. That shxt ain’t cute, there grown a** women and should know better. Respect is very important to me and without respect we (humans) are nothing more than intelligent savages. I always wanted to know what was the standard for being a man was it to be muscular, brave, handsome or humble and moralistic? Over time I realized that being a man was one of the most subjective subject in history, everyone has wide variations of what they think is a man. I think a man is humble, respectful and doesn’t let fear control him. What’s your definition of a man?

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