How I feel?

I know so many women asked me that in my life and I never had an answer for them. I feel like society is portraying men as villains who hate women. But men have actually been oppressed by women almost equally, this isn’t an one-sided deal. In countries in the Far East it is very much lopsided where the men have an obvious advantage. In this country a man can be jailed for not paying child support or for anything a woman says about him. This is outrageous because even if she’s a habitual liar with a recorded track record for lying her word is still taken as the Gospel. Many celebrities have went to jail or far worse over something their girlfriend or side chick said. This is why I don’t tell people how I feel, they don’t want to hear this truth. The only solution is fairness not equality and really it seems like the average man is doing all the losing.

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