Fake vegetarians?

I can’t stand fake vegetarians because they mess up stats. 5% of Americans are considered vegetarian but I think it’s about 1% and most who claim vegetarian are frauds. If you eat most vegetarian are a lot in your diet then you’re semi-vegetarian because you still eat some meat. I know as a chess enthusiast and semi-athlete that I am also guilty of half doing things because of time restraints but being a vegetarian is about will power not running a 4.4 in the 40 yard dash or practicing chess 4 hours a day. It’s funny in the Observer they published an article about vegetarians and the many fake vegetarians. I became vegetarian because America kills 10 billion animals a year for food even though there are less than 10 billion people on the planet. We have to be accountable for the killing of animals but also people. I do think it was wrong that the unarmed teen was shot in Missouri but as I don’t know what happened I can’t speak on it but somethings got to change. Too many young brothers are being clapped by the law in America.

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