I used to hate PE!

At school, PE was the only class I despised with a passion. Not because I was lazy or extremely out of shape but because I didn’t exercise enough to be adequately prepared. I went to several different schools and 2 times I’ve had coaches that would run the fxck out of you just because, either way you would get a C or B in the class. I just think that today’s youth in most scenarios probable have it a little easier unless they are athletic. We were forced to play basketball and run a dozen laps around this big a** park. At one school we had to hold this position for 45 minutes it was like some jacked up abdominal exercise. Those were the good ole days (not really), some of those coaches were more like Marine sergeants than Elementary PE teachers. Narcissistic, tight short wearing sociopaths who had hearts of stone. To this day I can’t relate to them the best way to fitness is nutrition AND exercise none is effective without the other. I could be a better PE coach than them in my sleep, after all the hereditary barriers I have overcame my talk is backed with results.


Resiliency is mandatory!

  1. It’s funny how in life so many people tell me I’m a baby at 21 but they don’t know my life. The resiliency it took to see 21 with all my capabilities and sanity in check took lots of mental strength and determination. I’ve battled with low esteem, body image and sexism all simultaneously. Nobody respects the short, plump black kid whose a regular bookworm. People talked lots of noise about me and I was believing it. But there was a determining moment in all of our lives when we decided enough is enough. I will meet and exceed my goals while ignoring other’s advice unless it makes complete sense. I have worked in all types of sleet, snow, rain, fog and hail. Conditions were so bad I considered quitting when I couldn’t feel my hands with two pair of gloves and two pair of socks on. And as far as the heat it was 108° outside and there was no breeze. Coming home late working 8-12 hour shifts for sub-par wages was really rough. Then on the other hand people want to tell me what I coulda shoulda woulda done to prevent the situation. But they fail to take into consideration my circumstances and the resistance I get from my own people. Even after walking miles at night in freezing single digits I can still hold my head up high and know that I will have better days.

Male Body Image pressure to be Captain America

This guy Captain America is 6’2 240 all muscle but the actor Chris Evans is 6’0 200 and it took him a lot of hard work to get that muscular. As a child I was a natural scrawny child at 7 years old 4’0 and 50 pounds and I was almost 8. My parents gave me Flintstones vitamins and it gave me an incredible appetite and I started gaining 12 pounds a year and at 11 I was 4’9 at 104. The nurse said I had the potential to be overweight even though I was a normal weight. Fast forward to when I am 13 and 124 pounds this after doing a lot of exercise and eating just 2-3 times a day. I just never had that cut, ripped physique that is seen as ultra masculine. Being a black American male makes it even worse because I see my brother and cousins with ultra lean bodies and I’m the oldest the comparisons drove me crazy. To make matters worse I had gynecomastia since I was about 9 or 10 years old. People talked shxt about me all through childhood and many times my weight was healthy but I looked stocky. After the shame of adolescence I started feeling myself at 14 and 15 because I got to 5’7 and stayed at 150-160 pounds. I was pretty strong and could do 9 1/2 pullups in one motion. Once I got 16, I started job hunting and relaxed my exercise routine and went up to 180 rather quickly and my growth stalled at 5’7.5-5’8. The years went by and at 17 and 18 my weight went up to 190 and 200 respectively. Still I was unaware of weight gain until my uncle reminded me of it. At 19 I stayed at 205 and later went up to 220 and stayed there. Finally at 20 years old I weighed myself and I was 229! The scale said even for a large framed individual I was 52 pounds overweight, meaning obese. I quickly decided to live a healthier lifestyle and lost 33 pounds in 3-4 months. My weight stayed at 196 so i became a vegetarian and stopped eating highly processed foods and sodium rich foods and my weight went down 30 more pounds in 3 months. Today I’m 5’8.5 and weigh around 165 pounds my chest is pretty flat and I resemble a normal guy, could I be more ripped? Of course but for now regular exercise and diet will do. be happy with yourself but if you’re serious then make the change.

Destruction of the NFL!

After Michael Strahan and Ladainian Tomlinson retired the game has never been the same. Players are breaking single game records but over 16-19 games they aren’t performing that consistent. Also players in the past were tougher and didn’t demand a trade every two seasons for a slightly higher salary. Another thing the NFL treats black players like cattle when they get injured or in trouble they estrange them. Nobody talks about the quarterback being caught up in sexual assault indication. Plus the league has over 65% black or mixed black athletes so most of 1900 is roughly 1300-1500 black ballers if 10% have issues deal with it off camera. Without DeionSanders, Terrell Owens, Walter Payton and many more men the NFL wouldn’t be half of what it is today.

Straight black man’s economy

You need to know somebody, be skilled or educated or know the job. Going in a job with no experience is no good temps and retail are the only options and that’s a far shot. I was rejected 100s of times before working temp for a couple companies. No one should ever go through that. Work smart not hard brothers.