I used to hate PE!

At school, PE was the only class I despised with a passion. Not because I was lazy or extremely out of shape but because I didn’t exercise enough to be adequately prepared. I went to several different schools and 2 times I’ve had coaches that would run the fxck out of you just because, either way you would get a C or B in the class. I just think that today’s youth in most scenarios probable have it a little easier unless they are athletic. We were forced to play basketball and run a dozen laps around this big a** park. At one school we had to hold this position for 45 minutes it was like some jacked up abdominal exercise. Those were the good ole days (not really), some of those coaches were more like Marine sergeants than Elementary PE teachers. Narcissistic, tight short wearing sociopaths who had hearts of stone. To this day I can’t relate to them the best way to fitness is nutrition AND exercise none is effective without the other. I could be a better PE coach than them in my sleep, after all the hereditary barriers I have overcame my talk is backed with results.

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