Resiliency is mandatory!

  1. It’s funny how in life so many people tell me I’m a baby at 21 but they don’t know my life. The resiliency it took to see 21 with all my capabilities and sanity in check took lots of mental strength and determination. I’ve battled with low esteem, body image and sexism all simultaneously. Nobody respects the short, plump black kid whose a regular bookworm. People talked lots of noise about me and I was believing it. But there was a determining moment in all of our lives when we decided enough is enough. I will meet and exceed my goals while ignoring other’s advice unless it makes complete sense. I have worked in all types of sleet, snow, rain, fog and hail. Conditions were so bad I considered quitting when I couldn’t feel my hands with two pair of gloves and two pair of socks on. And as far as the heat it was 108° outside and there was no breeze. Coming home late working 8-12 hour shifts for sub-par wages was really rough. Then on the other hand people want to tell me what I coulda shoulda woulda done to prevent the situation. But they fail to take into consideration my circumstances and the resistance I get from my own people. Even after walking miles at night in freezing single digits I can still hold my head up high and know that I will have better days.

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