Life of a Christian vegan monk.

There are few people who embody the Word of God and Christ the way I do. Seriously I believe that if someone deserves it I will give them the shirt of my back and I show my allies that I’m good people. When I told an associate I was vegan she laughed in my face. Being 1% of the population is very challenging because who can relate to me. No eggs, meat, milk or bread are present in my diet. I keep my food selection very simple to create purity in essence. Adding honey, peanut butter or flax oil is the most I do to┬ádress up oatmeal. In my eyes, more is less. In today’s society everything is an addiction. Sex, money, food and power are the most sought after desires of the 21st century, which may be the last century. Nobody cares about another human being I’ve heard about so many child offenders and relatives betraying their family’s trust it’s ridiculous. But I am angered because many of these men of color are affecting the reputation of others who have done nothing wrong. To be judged on sight is not ethical, how could you tell me from the average person if you judge me before I open my mouth.


There are many ways to lose weight.

Many people in modern times are struggling with weight. This is not because of gluttony or laziness but in this high tech world we often don’t have time for exercise or to make a nutritious meal. Other factors for weight problems can be stress, sleep apnea, diet and hereditary factors that make gaining weight all too easy. to right these wrongs you need to take a holistic approach, from the inside out. You must first make a serious verbal and written commitment to lose enough weight for it to positively impact your health. Second, exercise is needed to burn fat. Lifting weights can help lifting low reps with heavy weights or high reps with light weights can be a great cardio. Third, we often overlook the importance of stretching and aerobic exercises such as jumping rope and jumping jacks. These exercises are good for the heart and you can do a 100 of them in a few minutes. Portion control is very important because the stomach naturally holds only 24 ounces of food at a time. Giving the body 3 to 6 hours to burn off the last snack or meal is a good practice. I don’t advise carb counting it can be time consuming and inefficient. I do advise worrying about how much grease, salt and sugar is in any given meal. Certain foods to be avoided are soda, junk food, pork, salt, sugar and dairy. Fruit is a wholesome snack but don’t overdo it, 2 cups of fruit a day is the recommended serving. Know your limits and make a reasonable diet and exercise plan that you can keep on hand. Writing a food log of everything you eat and drink over the course of a month is a very good idea. Why should you listen to me? As a vegan and health enthusiast I have dropped 73 pounds in just 7 months with exercise and superior nutrition. In March 2014 i weighed 229 pounds and was 52 pounds overweight with a BMI over 30. Now I’m 5’8.5 and weigh in at a lean 156 pounds and between 11 and 13% body fat.