Life of a Christian vegan monk.

There are few people who embody the Word of God and Christ the way I do. Seriously I believe that if someone deserves it I will give them the shirt of my back and I show my allies that I’m good people. When I told an associate I was vegan she laughed in my face. Being 1% of the population is very challenging because who can relate to me. No eggs, meat, milk or bread are present in my diet. I keep my food selection very simple to create purity in essence. Adding honey, peanut butter or flax oil is the most I do to dress up oatmeal. In my eyes, more is less. In today’s society everything is an addiction. Sex, money, food and power are the most sought after desires of the 21st century, which may be the last century. Nobody cares about another human being I’ve heard about so many child offenders and relatives betraying their family’s trust it’s ridiculous. But I am angered because many of these men of color are affecting the reputation of others who have done nothing wrong. To be judged on sight is not ethical, how could you tell me from the average person if you judge me before I open my mouth.

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