Kart Boys gone run the Parking Lot!

Its strange how you can go from being John Doe to every customer on your jock no Romo. Security escorts everybody riding carts please no wheelchairs. The only good I feel is when I’m pushing and she got a mouth that will shallow up some cheese strings and 2 cream cheese. Y’all should throw y’all hands down cuz y’all don’t move no carts, now my team moving bus lods got it looking like a retail store. It’s a gae thatnever fair we test our back but we don’t care, addicted to the papyrus in the air. I can feel victory now when it’s time to clock out, we make the customers proud.Yes I said we are the Kart Boys pledge your allegiance, peace, broad. I’m am the Bobby Fischer Icapture more pices than you boys ever could think of. Let me get back to these carts. Couple carts locked and I unlocked a couple back. I lost a fifth of five carts that I’m trying to get back. Pushing circles round the clowns that I’m squared up with.

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