Destruction of the NFL!

After Michael Strahan and Ladainian Tomlinson retired the game has never been the same. Players are breaking single game records but over 16-19 games they aren’t performing that consistent. Also players in the past were tougher and didn’t demand a trade every two seasons for a slightly higher salary. Another thing the NFL treats black players like cattle when they get injured or in trouble they estrange them. Nobody talks about the quarterback being caught up in sexual assault indication. Plus the league has over 65% black or mixed black athletes so most of 1900 is roughly 1300-1500 black ballers if 10% have issues deal with it off camera. Without DeionSanders, Terrell Owens, Walter Payton and many more men the NFL wouldn’t be half of what it is today.


Straight black man’s economy

You need to know somebody, be skilled or educated or know the job. Going in a job with no experience is no good temps and retail are the only options and that’s a far shot. I was rejected 100s of times before working temp for a couple companies. No one should ever go through that. Work smart not hard brothers.

Are athletes thugs?

I say this because i used to play sports and witnessed a lot of bullying behavior from my team and opposing teams. Thugs just happen to make good athletes because they care about their physical appearance more than average and have a warrior like mentality. I just think they need to keep their aggression on the field and don’t let it affect their personal life. Also to the coaches and sports enthusiasts who condone athletes’ immoral behavior just know that you’re an enabler because if they were non-athletic you’d called them scum.

Online dating is wack

It just seems like all the people on there are obviously single because they have very high standards and personality disorders. I just want someone whose alright to be around and cares about their self and others. Right now my reasonable standards seem to high but can you blame a brother for dreaming? And another thing I havebeen all over my city which is international and they all just seem the same.

In Christ

In Christ all things are possible he gave me the power to lose 60 pounds in 5 months. But more importantly he helped me give up my sinful and lusty nature and refrain from meat and most all animal products. I feel alive and proud to be me when I walk outside I am a man of God. We must read the book of Ephesians and refrain from idolatry and longing for the future to be a complete person. Mark Briscoll’s book explains this quite well.

Fake vegetarians?

I can’t stand fake vegetarians because they mess up stats. 5% of Americans are considered vegetarian but I think it’s about 1% and most who claim vegetarian are frauds. If you eat most vegetarian are a lot in your diet then you’re semi-vegetarian because you still eat some meat. I know as a chess enthusiast and semi-athlete that I am also guilty of half doing things because of time restraints but being a vegetarian is about will power not running a 4.4 in the 40 yard dash or practicing chess 4 hours a day. It’s funny in the Observer they published an article about vegetarians and the many fake vegetarians. I became vegetarian because America kills 10 billion animals a year for food even though there are less than 10 billion people on the planet. We have to be accountable for the killing of animals but also people. I do think it was wrong that the unarmed teen was shot in Missouri but as I don’t know what happened I can’t speak on it but somethings got to change. Too many young brothers are being clapped by the law in America.

Institutionalism of black men

It’s almost scary how quick society is to detain a black man for any reason. I have personal experience on how in fair this society can be. Our life and time is worth nothing and few people other than some relatives care when we get locked up, down or in. This really makes me mad because look at the feminist movement that has start rolling but we don’t have any type of movement. I think Jay love 477 on YouTube illustrated this point accurately in many videos. Everyday is an opportunity to get in trouble, I just try to stay level-headed. Unity is the only solution to the problem.