Shoka,Make-up artist Profile-Written by Mitchell Jones

Shoka Kamaria-Ford was born in a large neighborhood in the Dallas,TX. He’s a Pisces born in early spring. His mom, Ava is a model, actress, and professional make-up artist. Some of Shoka’s childhood hobbies were drawing and acting. Shoka had 3 women he leaned on, his mom for support, his grandma for encouragement, and his sister for advice. He attended Pegasus Charter School in Central Dallas, Texas; a good school was the right teachers lead him in the right direction. Here are just a few of the many courses he took at El Centro Community College in Dallas, Texas: Web Designing, Oil Painting, Theatrical make-up, Drama 1 & 2, and Philosophy. Others describe Shoka as an eccentric, free-spirited person who leaves a memorable impression on everyone who he encounters and inspires others to do their best. To get in to his psyche you should know that he was intrigued by Sophie’s World a philosophical book, it captivated him with its twists and turns and straight out unpredictability. As a young adult, a Shoka still have a passion for drawing and has started free-styling with Visual Photography, Oil Painting, and Acting. His career aspirations are to become a pro actor and artist. Shoka has an interesting philosophy on work why should he work and make somebody a lot of money and receive very little of it. All he really wants is to have a comfortable life, become a successful artist, own his own business, and inspire others along the way. Shoka’s artistic style is self-expressive and his art is a reflection of his mood when he composes it. He looks at the world in a philosophical way. His speech is in a poetic, sleepy way the words role of his tongue like water rolls down a river. Shoka has done many plays here are just 2, Shoka played in “Are you are” a play about robots taking over the world, his character is the doctor who created the robots. Also, he played in Captain Fantastic, a story about Waldo being framed and good vs. evil, Shoka plays Officer McGillicutty. For Halloween 2010 he won first place as the “Mad Hatter” inspired by the “Mad Hatter” in “Alice in Wonderland. He practiced everyday to put his own spin on the costume and make-up. He pieced his outfit from items at Salvation Army and the Thrift Store to get the “Mad Hatter” outfit. The hat came from his mom’s costume shop, a scarf wrapped around the hat and color pencils around the hat’s rim. His hair was an Afro wig from New York. The make-up he wore came from his mom’s shop Nocostco. The outfit also contained a sweater vest over a college shirt and black tie covered by a Plaid jacket with chains of thread on the outside. His legs were covered with corduroys and his feet with boots. Shoka created a portrait portraying him as the “Mad Hatter” a role he embodies in everyday life. Right now, Shoka is looking for a partner NOT boss to help him promote and distribute his artwork. In the future he will be auditioning for “No Exit” a play about 3 people who died and are in hell in their afterlives; also he’s been working on “Genesis” a series of artwork he hopes to finish in the near future. Shoka’s skills are drawing, visual arts, oil painting, theatre, make-up, expressing himself through his art and giving a project all of him. Shoka would make an excellent Actor, Artist, or Director.

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